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The company represented in Italy produces electric heating systems for floors, accessories for the chemical industry: drum heaters, IBC thermostatic blankets. Accessories: thermal carpets for offices, radiant platforms, radiant panels for wall heating. Approved BEAB certificates and certifications Nemko, an ISO 9001 certified company.All products are available online for direct sales.

Radiant net for traditional floor heating, flat geometry with interacting elements for high energy efficiency and lower consumption. It guarantees a balanced thermal comfort together with physiological well-being. It does not require maintenance, does not emit elements harmful to the environment.


Thermo-heater and thermostatic blankets, temperature-adjustable from 0 °> 150 °, power from 300 W to 1200 W depending on the capacity. The shape structure is to avoid any heat dissipation. The required operating time is five minutes to enter full capacity. IP 67 security categories.